Former CIA director James Woolsey was offered his old job back in the administration of President Donald Trump, Woolsey told the Wall Street Journal in an interview published Thursday, but he turned down the job over concerns with Michael Flynn, then the incoming national security adviser.

It was Flynn who offered Woolsey the job six days after Trump’s surprise victory in last November’s presidential election, according to the former CIA director who led the agency under former President Bill Clinton. The offer, Woolsey said, was to lead the CIA and report directly to Flynn, a stipulation that prompted Woolsey to turn down the job.

Woolsey also told the Journal that he did not believe Flynn had the authority to offer him the job of CIA director.

“I turned it down, partially because I didn’t want to work for him, partially because I didn’t think the structure was set up right,” he said.

Flynn’s lawyer, in an email to the Journal, said “this story is false” but would not elaborate further.

Woolsey said he would have considered the job if Trump had wanted him and if the job reported directly to the president and not to Flynn, who was fired as national security adviser just weeks after inauguration.