Trump administration officials don’t plan to give Congress a detailed tax reform plan until after the August recess.

They’ll continue talking with lawmakers throughout the summer months in the meantime, according to National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn. He said the White House expects Congress to act on tax reform this year.

“We will have a very detailed, drafted tax plan to be delivered to Congress by when they get back from the August recess,” Cohn said Friday in a Fox Business News interview.

Asked about the possibility of a slimmed-down plan made up of only tax cuts, Cohn said everything is being considered but the administration prefers an overhaul.

“We are really driven to do the big reform and cut,” he said. “Reform is still part of our agenda. The president ran on a reform agenda.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has told colleagues he expects legislation to emerge in September after Republicans in the House, Senate and White House reach agreement.

“We are into the nitty-gritty details of working on tax reform right now,” Cohn said.

Lawmakers return to the Capitol next week following the Memorial Day recess.