Reality – is yours different from mine? I began writing a blog post last week about how stupid humans are. But I didn’t finish it. Today, someone posted this article on Facebook about a neuroscientist talking about how different our realities are. And most of us are blind to it.

Reality is different even about simple things

My wife and sons like unripe (hard) fruit- nectarines, peaches, bananas. And she can’t stand peas or beans, which I happily eat. But she likes sauerkraut, which repulses me. Neither she nor I like coffee, which most people seem to love. Even very basic, simple experiences land very differently.

Last week I lost my glasses and some other stuff. I looked and looked. My wife found them in a few minutes.

And almost no one can see a future that’s palpable to me- both it and the easy, doable path to reach it.

Your reality is not reality. Neither is mine. It’s the height of pride and arrogance to think otherwise, yet that’s where we all start.

Humans are stupid and blind – our reality is small

Humans are mostly stupid and blind. Alone, we can barely survive. Even in tribes, we existed for many thousands of years making very, very slow progress.

But then the printing press allowed us to replicate knowledge. And algebra let us clearly describe quantitative relationships. Suddenly, measuring things became much more fruitful. Inventions became more numerous.

Yet, largely making decisions alone, leaders often created war. For most people, prosperity has been elusive.

Collectively, humans are wise and powerful

If we work together, we can see millions of things more than individuals can. We can fly, communicate with billions of people, visit other planets, know how the whole universe works, even clean up our worst messes. All it takes is working together.

While there can be “mob mentality”, there is also the “wisdom of the crowd.” PeopleCount is designed to give political power to our own wisdom.

Even collective reality isn’t the ultimate reality, though. We’re still biased and cut off from much of the world by many cultural and religious myths.

Languishing invisibly

PeopleCount is currently invisible and unsupported. Please help to change that. Donate, share with others, ask your politicians to support it. If you know anyone with wealth, ask them.

I work much, much better on a team. With two of us working full-time, it’d be up in about 8 months. With 4, it’ll be up this year.

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