FIRST IN PLAYBOOK — ISAAC DOVERE speaks with VIRGINIA GOV. TERRY MCAULIFFE: “Russia was actively involved in destabilizing our democracy,” and they had help from “treasonous” Americans, McAuliffe told Isaac Dovere in the latest episode of Off Message podcast, coming Tuesday morning. “Somebody had to give these people a roadmap,” McAuliffe said, though he wouldn’t name names. “So I believe somewhere in this, somebody was directing the Russians on whose names to use, what impact these certain people sending a memo would have on the American electorate. I mean, they just didn’t sit over in some cubicle over there somewhere in Moscow and figure this out.”

— FIGHTING WORDS: WHAT MCAULIFFE SAID TO TRUMP, over dinner at the White House at the end of February for the National Governors Association reception: “I looked him face to face, four inches from his eyeballs, and said, ‘Everything you have done has hurt my economy.’”

— MCAULIFFE hasn’t spoken to Trump since, but notes that when the president announced his new appointments to the Council of Governors in May, “Guess who didn’t get reappointed.” McAuliffe said on immigration policy and the travel ban in particular, but overall, he doesn’t think there’s ever a clear answer on what Trump administration policy actually is: “Not when this man is president.” More on what McAuliffe thinks about Hillary’s speaking out and Onward Together, the Democrats’ progressive divide, and his plans for 2018 — and 2020 — coming Tuesday