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The previous post was about the possibility that politics could be wonderful, But it’s not free. There are four costs of PeopleCount on society. And they’re well worth it.

ONE- Up-front costs: Funding

We need your donations to hire a team to finish development and launch.

Why don’t philanthropists donate? Because I haven’t talked to any. They either are not reachable or simply don’t reply. (You’re welcome to try contacting them.)  One of them is scared of me, another thinks his limited understanding is accurate, and most I simply can’t reach. (And potential investors haven’t been interested because it’s not far enough along yet.)

We don’t need much. American spent about $7 billion in 2016 to get the current Congress and President. We need about $2 million to vastly improve all of it. And we can start with a lot less. Pay a little, transform America.

If you donate before we launch, we’ll put 5 times your donation amount into your account as credit for you to give to candidate(s) of your choice. Donate $50 now and we’ll give you $250 in credit to donate to politicians so they can be truly accountable to you. (Make sure you include your contact information when you donate.)

Or, if you don’t like giving money to new organizations, talk to causes you know to take over this project. Perhaps Common Cause? Or League of Women Voters? Or start your own non-profit. We can’t start the 6-month countdown without funding.

TWO – Your effort to share

Until we’re funded, funding will take effort. Share with your friends and post about PeopleCount. Or ask your political parties to donate. Tell them: for every dollar they donate, they’ll get $5 in credit, plus they’ll be getting the kind of campaign exposure that today costs 100 times more.

Political parties are very top-down organizations. And at the top are people very experienced in politics-as-usual. They can only see a new possibility if it’s part of the age-old game plan. Like most people, they’re willing to try something new if it’s handed to them. And like most people, their brains argue with anything new rather than learn. Possibly some kind of shiny, professional presentation could make it happen, but that’s not possible till they’re listening. Connect with them and tell them to listen.

While helping us start up will cost you some effort, it’s much, much easier than the effort we spend complaining about politics and endlessly working to change it.

THREE – It will costs special interests their power

The power to control politics is fixed. Any power the parties and special interests have is power you don’t have. With PeopleCount, you’ll have power. Politicians will be accountable to you, the people, so they won’t be able to be accountable to others. And they will no longer need to be.

There will be a few special interests that seem to have more power. Those are the ones working for the solutions that most people want. But they won’t have more power- it’ll still be your power.

We already pay the salaries of our elected officials. With PeopleCount, we’ll also do the things we don’t do today- we’ll steer them, judge them and control their re-election.

FOUR – It’ll cost you your complaints, your blame

As you embrace the power that’s rightfully ours, you’ll see that there’s no one else to blame, any longer. We, the People, will be responsible for our results. So we’ll have to give up complaining about how our problems are the faults of others.

We’ll still be able to blame the current mess on others, but very quickly we’ll fix things. It’ll take a year or two to solve most of our political problems, but you’ll be so happy about the progress, you won’t even remember to blame others. Government will no longer be a remote bureaucracy, it’ll simply be how we, The People, build our collective future. You’ll know what we all want and we’ll have the best solutions to choose from. These solutions will come from the public, whether they’re from industry, universities, professional groups, or specialists, no longer will political forces and media limit the solutions we’ll consider.

I’ll wrap this up in the next post, about your experience with this new system, why you’ll love politics with PeopleCount.

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