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With PeopleCount, you’ll love politics. You’ll love the experience. In the last two articles, we looked at how politics could be wonderful, and then we looked at the costs. Here, we’ll look at the benefits.

Your experience: Satisfied, Responsible, Confident about the future

PeopleCount won’t just make politicians accountable to you. You’ll exercise your power quickly and feel its effectiveness. When the question comes up, “Is the country going in the right direction?” You’ll smile and experience satisfaction. One night you’ll have a dream that you’re doing your part as a responsible citizen. You’ll feel it all the next day, too. And you’ll be confident that your kids and grandkids will have a great future.

Today, everyone worries, especially about our leadership. The Republicans can’t design a decent health care bill. Neither they nor the Democrats could balance the budget. They could barely get a budget passed! Many worry that the government can’t function- in his first 100 days, Trump very few of the open positions, including lots that don’t even require congressional approval. And lots of people worry that he’ll bungle America into a war with his bluster and recklessness. Imagine instead, waking up every day and thinking:

It’s so nice that the government is being run well!

Better attitudes- You’ll love caring about issues and wanting to be Informed

Many people are apathetic about politics. Caring is rewarded with frustration. Once PeopleCount launches, their experience will change. If you care, you’ll be rewarded with easy actions to take and you’ll see quick results. People will care. Among other results, you’ll even see more people voting in primaries!

Another way people cope with today’s frustration is to stop learning about political issues. If you learn more, usually you discover injustice or incompetence. Then you’ll find that there actually are some promising solutions. But time and time again, Congress can’t act, so it’s very disappointing to learn about issues. So many Americans have stopped. That’ll change, too. Voter wants will translate into quick Congressional action. Plus the media will produce better information and it’ll be at your fingertips. Many of todays uninformed voters will become well informed.

You’ll love politics when it makes a difference

With PeopleCount, you will:

  • make American government of, for and by The People
  • remove money’s influence in politics
  • make politicians accountable to you
  • change America’s ethics to be more like those of our founders
  • remove power from extremists and elites
  • have real choice in elections
  • fix America’s problems!

I don’t really know what we’ll decide to do. But I’ve looked at a lot of polls and talked to a lot of people. I predict that in the first year after launch, Americans will:

  • End corruption in Congress
  • Allow individual states to impose term limits
  • End much of the Drug War
  • Reach compromises about “the wall”
  • Pass real immigration reform
  • Reach some compromises about battling climate change
  • Replace ObamaCare with a much better healthcare system

How will this happen? 

As a problem-solver, I’ve designed the basics: the solution, the initial set of issues, and the growth and marketing plans. I also spent a lot of time trying to build a team that would work without pay, but I failed in that. I began building it last year, with offshore help. But they didn’t follow directions well and didn’t have the expertise, so I couldn’t finish it and had to get a job to support my family.

Without funding I can’t finish the software and launch. I can’t even start a crowd-funding campaign. (That takes videos and simple explanations that I just haven’t been able to create. Plus, it takes constant effort by a team.)

PeopleCount can succeed with your help. Put your email address on our mailing list and donate $25. Then invite your friends. 

Do you want to love the experience of doing your part to design our future? Help make it happen.

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