FOR THE HISTORY BOOKS — “Here Is Anthony Scaramucci’s ‘Communications Plan’ From Before He Was Fired,” by BuzzFeed’s Charlie Warzel: “Internally, the memo indicates that Scaramucci planned to ‘professionalize’ the comms team. ‘For example,’ he wrote, ‘no WH communication staffer goes home without returning all calls, emails, and texts. People may not like our answers—but they should always be treated professionally and respectfully (obviously, this starts with the new Director of Communications).’ … Scaramucci — who in his first days on the job repeatedly went on TV to threaten firings of White House staffers, and publicly accused then-chief of staff Reince Priebus of being the primary source of White House leaks — also called for staff to be more civil and humble. ‘Make it clear that horn tooting and denigrating colleagues is unacceptable,’ the memo reads. …

“The memo ends with a personal to-do list, in which Scaramucci lays out a series of meetings he planned to have with incoming chief of staff Gen. John Kelly and other members of the White House staff, including Steve Bannon (‘I want his insight and help. He presumably has an opinion on how Comms can operate more effectively,’ the memo says.) Also included is a list of mainstream media reporters he planned to meet with, including the New York Times’ Maggie Haberman and The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza.” With the full memo

— FROM MOOCH’S PLAN: “Comms need to humanize POTUS and burnish his image. For example, POTUS is the best golfer to serve as President. Perhaps, we embrace it with a national online lottery to play a round of golf with him….or a charity auction. POTUS has a funny and irreverent side which was shared with the electorate during the campaign … People are fascinated by the lives of their Presidents and the operation of the White House. POTUS is the greatest TV star in history. Comms should produce video content that constructively operates as ‘The President Donald J. Trump’ show.”

HAPPENING TOMORROW! — “Scaramucci to hold online event Friday,” by CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Sophie Tatum: “Following his departure from the White House after less than 11 days as communications director, Scaramucci will be hosting an online event on Friday where he will address the American people directly. Scaramucci said this daytime event — which will be broadcast on various live platforms with help from former Fox News co-president Bill Shine — will give him the opportunity to reach and communicate with the President’s base. … As for what’s next after Friday’s event, Scaramucci plans to go dark until after Labor Day, when he will announce his next venture after he evaluates his various media and finance-related opportunities.”

SPICER’S SWAN SONG — “Spicer savors his last days in the White House,” by Tara Palmeri: “Sean Spicer has been floating around the White House since he announced his resignation almost two weeks ago, dipping in and out of his office, attending meetings on tax reform and popping up for public ceremonies like Gen. John Kelly’s swearing in as chief of staff and a medal of honor ceremony for a Vietnam veteran. On Tuesday night, Spicer was seen giving his family a tour of the White House grounds. He’s posted nostalgic pictures on Instagram, like one of the first family taking off from the lawn on Marine One, with the caption: ‘This will never get old.’ …

“In the wake of Scaramucci’s departure, Spicer — who committed to staying several weeks to ensure an orderly transition in the press office — briefly considered staying on at the White House to help with Trump’s effort to pass a major tax reform, a policy issue that Spicer had engaged with since stepping back from regular briefings in the last month. But he made it clear to his colleagues by late afternoon on Tuesday that he does not plan to stay on in the White House beyond August.”’s Instapic