Americans are “uneasy” about a possible conflict with North Korea, while many Democrats are also not confident in President Donald Trump’s capacity to handle a nuclear crisis with the country, according to a new CBS News poll out Tuesday.

Responses, however, were largely split on party lines — 76 percent of Republicans said they were confident in Trump’s ability to handle the North Korea nuclear situation, while only 10 percent of Democrats and 31 percent of Independents reported their confidence in him.

Regardless of party alignment, 72 percent of the 1,111 people surveyed reported unease about the possible conflict, and only 26 percent were “confident things will be resolved.” Similar numbers were reported for whether people thought the threat could be contained: 60 percent said it can, 29 percent said military action is needed now and 7 percent think it is not a threat at all.

The nuclear threat, however, has not affected Trump’s approval rating, which remains at 36 percent, just like the network’s June survey. And people’s favorable views of the economy are the highest since 2001, with 69 percent of people categorizing it as good, compared to 70 percent in 2001.

Trump also increased his approval rating over how he handles the economy by four percentage points since June, though the economy is the only issue people increased their approval: trade is down seven percent, immigration is down 20 percent and healthcare is down 27 percent since last month.

The CBS News poll was conducted via telephone Aug. 3-6 and has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus four percentage points.