President Donald Trump said Thursday he remains confident in national security adviser H.R. McMaster, despite escalating critiques of the adviser from some conservatives.

Some of the president’s supporters have called for the three-star general to be fired after he forced out several hardliners from the National Security Council. They are also suspicious of some of McMaster’s policy ideas, including recommending the United States stand by the Iran nuclear deal and pushing to send more U.S. troops to Afghanistan.

“He’s our friend,” Trump said Thursday, sitting at a table with Vice President Mike Pence, CIA Director Mike Pompeo and McMaster for a meeting. “He’s my friend, and he’s a very talented man. I like him, and I respect him.”

The conservative media outlet Breitbart recently published a slew of headlines maligning the national security adviser, including one that called him McMaster of Disguise. The outlet also slammed an Aug. 8 Wall Street Journal editorial that claimed Trump’s top political aide, Steve Bannon, was behind the conservative attacks on McMaster.

But Trump has recently stood by McMaster. On Aug. 4, he released a statement praising him.

“General McMaster and I are working very well together,” the statement read. “He is a good man and very pro-Israel. I am grateful for the work he continues to do serving our country.”